Weight Loss Diet Pills

Diet pills, slimming medication or diet products are products that are designed to reduce or control your weight. Overweight is when you have a BMI of over 30. BMI is found by dividing your weight in kilograms (kg) by your height in meters (m).

What diet pills all have in common is that they either works by inhibiting appetite, increase metabolism or inhibiting the absorption of calories in the stomach / intestines.

The most common diet pills are: FastSlim4Life, ThermoXpower and Appetite ReduZer.

Diet pills on prescription has usually only one of these characteristics mentioned above, while diet pills without prescription often consist of combinations of several ingredients, which means that these diet pills can have a decrease in appetite and a direct fat burning effect through increased metabolism.
One of those popular weight loss pills is the well known FastSlim4Life.

Some Background on Diet Pills

Already in ancient Greece thousands of years ago, they experimented with different medications that could promote weight loss, which therefore was contemporary attempts to develop diet pills.

Already then they had a clear understanding that to achieve weight loss you needed to exercise.

Furthermore the ancient Greeks recommended different types of laxative products, massage and heat treatment.

First in 1920 and 30s is when reel  diet pills came on the marked. They managed to isolate thyroid hormone from animals and give it the power to the people suffering from hypothyroidism (low metabolism). Having low metabolism is a very rare disease that less than 1 in 1,000 overweight person suffer from. In 1933 came the pill DNP – dinitrophenol, which seemed simply to block / decouple some mechanisms of metabolism, so all carbohydrate was converted into heat energy.

DNP is to date the most effective diet pill, but also an insanely dangerous diet pill that is no longer being produced or used except as poison for pest control. Frequent side effects of DNP was brain damage, damage to the ovaries, cancer and death due to overheating.

In the late 30s came the popular drug Benzedrine on the marked – better known as amphetamine. Amphetamine was also an effective diet pill, but as you know, but the effect was overshadowing by the side effects. Continuous use resulted in rapidly depression and schizophrenia. Since then there  has been a ton of different diet pills where ECA stack was one of the most popular. Eca stack contained ephedrine – but Ephedra was made completely illegal worldwide in 2004. Since then there has been  developed just as effective but much safer types of diet pills, thanks to thorough and targeted research.