Our product contains herbs which have been used for weight loss for hundreds of years. You will start to feel results in as little as three days.

Fast Slim contains herbal extracts which reduce appetite (chrysanthemum, Roman chamomile, cellulose) and give you a feeling of satiety (fibre from sweet potatoes, watermelon, honeydew melon and pumpkin).

It also contains herbal extracts which reduce body fat deposits and increase the effectiveness of the fat burning mechanism within the body (extract of cola nut, garcinia cambogia, guarana, bottle gourd, and balloon flower and corolla).

As this all-natural pill contains only raw plant and vegetable materials, it has no deadening or dependency effects (you will not automatically regain lost weight once you cease treatment).

Directions for use:
Take one capsule once a day before breakfast. If your appetite in the evening exceeds your appetite in the morning, you should take the capsule before lunch instead.
Take the capsule 30-45 minutes prior to the meal. Wash down with still water (not water containing carbon dioxide). If you take the capsule after the meal, the effect is reduced, which you can make use of in case you deliberately wish to reduce the effect. 

The capsules may cause a natural need for increased fluid intake due to their high vegetable fibre content. In rare cases (5-7%) the treatment may cause aggressions or insomnia. Should you find this to be the case for you,just take the capsule after you meal instead.

Never take more than one capsule per day.

Fast Slim cannot be used by pregnant women, children, or individuals older than 65 years of age. The product cannot be recommended for individuals suffering from thyroid gland disorders, serious liver and kidney disorders, and diabetes patients.

Fast Slim should not be used if you are suffering from an eating disorder, metabolic disorder, epilepsy, cardio-vascular disease, mental disorder and severe renal or hepatic impairment.

If you have any hesitation whether Fast Slim is right for you, always consult your own physician prior to taking Fast Slim.

Content: 30 capsules of 350 mg (30-day supply). Storage life: 2 years

When taking Fast Slim you may experience a feeling of extra energy or slight discomfort for 3-4 days.  You may also experience dry mouth. It is therefore very important to drink plenty of still water. As your body’s digestion becomes stimulated with Fast Slim more frequent urination is normal.

FastSlim is only a weight loss supplement. Remember, it is important to exercise and follow a healthy diet to achieve your weight loss goals.